Level Playing

Level Playing

by Suzanne Conboy-Hill


‘The fish aren’t real, are they?’

‘Well, of course they are, Lucy. What makes you think they’re not?’

‘Dunno. It’s just when I see them sideways …’


‘Like when I’m looking at something else and they’re like, off to the side.’

‘Oh, out of the corner of your eye? Well, that’s not unusual, eyes do funny things at the sides.

Full story downloadable from Alfie Dog Fiction 

Suzanne Conboy-Hill

(c) suzanne conboy-hill 2013.

Dr Suzanne Conboy-Hill has been all sorts of things and expects to be all sorts of more things before she finally stops bothering everyone. The nice people at Zouche, The Other Room, and Every Day Fiction, among others, have published stories, and the whole mongrel assortment can be accessed from here:http://conboyhillfiction.wordpress.com/wheres-my-published-stuff/

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